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"To be fit"- weapon against COVID-19 Virus

           ALWAD officials ensure the public that all employees working under them are physically healthy and could fight the Corona Virus. And it was proven when the result of the Annual Physical Exam conducted last March 5,2021 was good.


         The activity was spearheaded by Dir. Florinda " Inyang" Alejandro, Dir. Dominador Torio, Dir. Constancia Macato and GM Jeorge Tomas who were the early birds. ALWAD officials and employees took their health breakfast after the blood extraction.


     The physical exam included Urinalysis, Hermatology, Blood Chemistry,Serology, Drug Test and Chest X-ray including eye check in which most employees were advised to have eye glasses.

National Women's Month  2021

“Ang mga babae ay para sa mga lalaki”says  Dir. Florinda “Inyang” Alejandro from her opening remarks during the formal start of the National Women’s Month Celebration. Each year, the Alicia Water District has been celebrating this activity to acknowledge the valuable contribution of women in nation building.

This year, though it was a pandemic year, ALWAD pushed though the celebration by simple program each Mondays of March during the flag ceremony. Last March 1, Ms. Winnie Jobelle Santos shared scripture verses from the Letter of Apostle Paul to Apostle Timothy in 1Timothy 2: 9 regarding the simple adornment of women followed by a brief history of the National Women’s Month by Ms. Anamarina B. Doña. Last March 8,2021, Ms. Jovielyn Jose shared a verse from the Book of Philippians 4:6-7 for the continuously praying for everything. It was followed by an opening remarks of Dir. Florinda “Inyang” Alejandro. During that day, female employees went to different barangays for the door-to-door delivery of personalized mugs to barangay chair of Burgos, Zamora, San Antonio,Antonino, Callao and Linglingay including the female rescuers and streetsweepers. On March 15,2021, Ms. Rhica Joy Ponce shared about 2PETER 3:3-4 for the simplicity of women during the flag raising ceremony and followed by distribution of alcohol and face masks to concessionaires at the Collection Office. On March 29,2021- the Culminating Activity was conducted with the scripture sharing of Ms. Sharlene Anoud Bardiago and Ms. Jocelyn Tome followed by the National Anthem, a message from Dir. Florinda “Inyang” Alejandro, a video presentation and a dance of the female ALWAD employees.

"Valuing Water", World Water Day 2021

          The past years has been a tough challenge when we looked from the news from previous in which several natural calamities happened such as flooding, earthquakes, landslides and the like. And as the experts says, it has been part of the climate change effects to the country.

         This year as we fight for the Corona Virus that is widely spreading around the global, Alicia Water District as a government-owned and controlled corporation tasked and mandated to provide a safe, potable and adequate drinking water has been part of the battle. The District with the leadership of the five (5) Board and Directors and one (1) General Manager has programs to help the nature with the effects of Climate Change and one of its projects is the maintenance of trees, replanting, weeding and beautification of the Mini Dam at Brgy. Linglingay, Alicia, Isabela last March 20, 2021 in consonance with the World Water Day Celebration.

               The activity started at 6:00 in the morning as the female ALWAD employees replaced the pots of bougainvillea. Some of the male employees did the weeding and cutting of branches of tall trees.

ALWAD envisioned planning for the future

              The Alicia Water District conducted its first goal setting and strategic planning last March 7,2020 with the initiative of the BOD Chairman Dir. Florinda Alejandro,BOD Vice Chairman Dir. Arleen Alejandro, BOD Secretary Dir. Dominador Torio, BOD Member Dir. Manuel Fernandez and Dir. Constancia Macato. The program started with the valuable thoughts regarding family relationship who was given by SB Dandridge John Co. He said that "You must be what you want your children to be because they will become what you are" emphasizing to have a quality time with the children despite of the working schedule.


            The strategic planning started with the presentation of the 2020 budget followed by short term,medium term and long term plans of each section as well as the warehouse, the human resource and the gender and development(GAD). The 2020 budget was being presented by Ms. Jovileyn Jose. The Administrative Section headed by Mr. Danilo Semodio's medium and long term plans was the eNGA's or the Electronic New Government Accounting System and the purchase of queing machine for easy transactions which were presented by Mr. Jonh Joseph Dulay and Ms. Winnie Jobelle Santos.

ALWAD bids goodbye to 2019

               The Alicia Water District celebrated the year-end party last December 28,2019 with a simple lunch and some parlor games. BOD Chairman Dir. Florinda Alejandro congratulated all the officials and employees of the district with a successful year of providing the best quality of water to the valued concessionaires. Additionally, Dir. Dominador Torio(the Board Secretary) encouraged more all the ALWAD employees to work harder this coming year of 2020. Some words of wisdom have spoken out by Dir. Manuel Fernandez who said that Family is Love and working with ALWAD is like a family. He urged employees to work as one towards a common goal.

               The program ended with the awarding of the Service Recognition Incentive (SRI) amounting to P 10,000.00 to all regular casual employees in compliance to Administrative Order No. 19 issued by the Office of the President and DBM Circular No. 2019-06 "Issuance of the One Time Service Recognition Incentive (SRI).

ALWAD Family celebrates Christmas Day

               The Alicia Water District celebrated its simple Christmas program last December 20,2019 at the ALWAD New Administration Building,Munsayac Subdivision,Antonino,Alicia,Isabela. The event started with a zumba dance from each section(Administrative,Commercial and Engineering) including the immersion students from the School of our Lady of Atocha(SOLA) and Dalton Academy. It was followed by challenging parlor games like pingpong ball relay, eating hanging bread, stacking up cups, follow the sign, follow the steps and eating banana. After the parlor games was a dinner and a raffle of gifts. Hon. Sangguniang Bayan Member Jason Manuel Alejandro had delivered his christmas message to the employees of ALWAD being the most productive government agency in the municipality. Meanwhile, BOD Chairman Dir. Florinda Alejandro gave present to the ALWAD female employees.

              The party ended at exactly 9:30 in the evening with the exchange gifts of ALWAD officials anf employees.

ALWAD's on its 38th year of service

         The Alicia Water District has celebrated its 38th year anniversary last November 13,2019 at the ALWAD new building, Munsayac Subdivsion, Antonino, Alicia,Isabela. Hon. Sangguniang Bayan Member Jason Manuel Alejandro, Hon. Sangguniang Bayan Member Rhom Mikhael Go and Hon. Sangguniang Bayan Atty. Jonathan Valiente with former Board Member Hon. Manuel Alejandro had witnessed the 38th year anniversary of the district. The program had started with a simple message of BOD Vice Chairman Arleen Alejandro as the Director who had served the longest time from 2001 up to present. BOD Chairman Dir. Florinda Alejandro, BOD Secretary Engr. Dominador Torio, BOD Members: Atty. Manuel Fernandez and Dir. Constancia Macato were also present during the celebration. The program ended with a simple lunch.

             On the other hand, as the district counts its year serving the constituents of Alicia had also gave ice cream on the 14th day of November at the collection office.

ALWAD conducts sportsfest

         "Kami ang mananalo", almost all teams projected for the one-day sports festival of Alicia Water District Family conducted last November 9,2019 at the Calaocan Community Center. The event was started at exactly 7:00 in the morning with a zumba dance. There were four(4) teams: blue team led by Dir. Florinda Alejandro, Dir. Constancia Macato and Engr. Agrifino Agpalza Jr.; yellow team led by Dir. Arleen Alejandro and Mr. Danilo Semodio; red team led by Dir. Manuel Fernandez and GM Jeorge Tomas and green team led by Dir. Dominador Torio and Mr. Gerry Yasay.


          Palarong lahi such as sack race, limbo rack and luksong-lubid were conducted in which the blue team declared as the winner for sack race and limbo rack while green team won the luksong-lubid. On the other hand, yellow team declared as the winner for the basketball and volleyball.


          All BOD's, officials and employees had fun and enjoyed the event which was purposely done to boost the sportsmanship and camaraderie between them and not just to win the game.

ALWAD celebrates 'Trick or Treat"

         The Alicia Water District commemorated its First Trick or Treat in consonance to the celebration of All Saints Day and All Souls Day on October 31,2019 1:30 in the afternoon at the function room. The event was participated by the kids of ALWAD employees and officials dressed up with spooky costumes. It was started by GM Jeorge Tomas with a draw lots of different prizes followed by parlor games facilitated by mr. Chino Salgado,ms. Winnie Jobelle Santos and Ms. Jovielyn Jose such as stop dance, mummy game, ball passing and " hep-hep hurray". On part of the parlor games was a simultaneous distribution of candies to the kids of ALWAD employees. Best Halloween costume was awarded to Kurt Liam Salgado(son of Mr. Chino Salgado) and Elvirs Rodriguez(daughter of Mr. Jeffrey Rodriguez).

          The said party ended at exactly 4:45 in the afternoon with a simple snacks for the kids.

Rev. Father Navarro leads the blessing of the ALWAD's new building

          The Alicia Water District with its persistence to serve its concessionaires had constructed a two- storey building at the Munsayac,Antonino. The aforementioned building has been inaugurated and blessed last September 28,2019 with the presence of the Board of Directors, officials and employees along  with former Board of Director Mrs.Tomasa Hermitanio and Ms. Michelle Abuan. The Municipal Mayor Hon. Atty. Joel Amos Alejandro, SB Member Hon. Atty. Jonathan Valiente and Hon. Jason Manuel Alejandro along with some barangay officials of Aurora and Antonino witnessed the blessing and inauguration ceremony.

           It was started with a ribbon cutting by Dir. Florinda Alejandro, the BOD Chairman, Dir. Arleen Alejandro,Dir. Constancia Macato, Atty. Manuel Fernandez and Engr. Dominador Torio with former Board of Directors: Mrs. Tomasa Hermitanio and Ms. Michelle Abuan. After the ribbon cutting was the blessing proper followed by raising of the Philippine and ASEAN flag. Sumptuous early dinner was served right after the blessing.

ALWAD joins the 70th Araw ng Alicia

          The Alicia Water District Board of Directors,officials and employees joined the 70th Araw ng Alicia & Alay Lakad held on September 27,2019 Friday at the Bypass Road,San Fernando,Alicia. The event started with a Zumba Dance led by Dir. Florinda Alejandro, the BOD Chairman followed by female ALWAD employees. Then it was followed by cutting of the ribbon and blessing of the Bypass road by the presence of the Hon. Vice Governor Bojie Dy III, Hon Congressman Ian Paul Dy, Municipal Mayor Hon. Atty. Joel Amos Alejandro, Hon. Vice Mayor Andy Bonn Velasco and all Sangguniang Bayan members.


         After the blessing, the Alay Lakad begun with the participation of all municipal offices, private and public schools, commercial banks, and other different organizations. The Alay Lakad finishes at the Alicia Central School oval.

            In the afternoon, ALWAD BOD's, officials and employees gave their full strength to the obstacle run conducted in the afternoon of the said day. After the obstacle run, a simple dinner at the ALWAD's new administration building was done.

ALWAD constructed a by-pass from Midtown,Paddad to Core Shelter,Mabini

             " Mahina ang tubig kapag alas sais hanggang alas siyete ng umaga"(The water pressure is low during 6:00-7:00 in the morning) says Noemi Mappalo of Batch 14 Number 14 of the Core Shelter Brgy. Mabini, Alicia, Isabela during the field interview conducted last January 28,2019. The Alicia Water District management through the initiative of General Manager Mr. Jeorge A. Tomas decided to install a three-inch diameter PVC pipe with 192-meter long as a by-pass. This large pipe acts as a by-pass line between Core Shelter-Mabini and Midtown Paddad which will provide a greater volume of water to the constituents most especially those living on the latter area of Core Shelter. The project was implemented for just a matter of four days commencing on May 23,2019.

           A follow-up interview to affected consumers last May 28,2019 resulted high satisfaction rating as there was no longer low pressure during peak hours.

            The MSWD, headed by Mrs. Vilma Gaffud have promised that they will request the SB council to donate a 90 square meter lot in Core Shelter to ALWAD for its pumping station so as to avert any low pressure during peak hours.

ALWAD supports the anti-dengue campaign

             ALWAD joined the " Todas Dengue, Todo Na To(Ikaanim na kagat)" clean-up drive campaign on July 26,2019 on the eighteen(18) barangays of Alicia. All officials and employees of the district participated the disinfection of canals using chlorine granules which effectively eliminate mosquito wigleys along the National Highway, some remote barangays and schools including spraying of mosquito-breeding areas. It was divided in four(4) groups to facilitate the activity was started at exactly 6:00 in the morning.

              The first group was assigned at Brgy. Antonino, Linglingay,Paddad and San Fernando; the second group at San Antonio,Apanay, Victoria, Sta. Maria and M.H. Del Pilar; the third group at Calaocan, Callao, Mabini, Bagnos and Aurora and the last group was assigned at Magsaysay, Burgos, Zamora, Sta. Cruz and Rizaluna.

              The event is in compliance with Executive Order No. 01-2019 issued by the Hon. Governor Rodolfo T. Albano III urging all public and private associations to conduct a massive clean-up drive to prevent the dengue outbreak of the province.



ALWAD conducted Disaster Risk Reduction Training 

         The Alicia Water District officials and employees had undergone a seminar-workshop on Disaster Risk Reduction on April 13,2019 at the Alicia Central School gymnasium. The activity started with a prayer led by Director Constancia Macato followed by singing of the National Anthem and opening remarks by Director Arleen Alejandro. Mr. Bryan Mayoralgo, the head of the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (MDRRMC) team gave a lecture on the basic life support, first aid treatment and bandaging management and were actually demonstrated by Mr. Jesson Jem Graganta, Mr. Joseph Benida, Mr. Belmar Manayan, Mr. John Carlo Gamido and Mr. Clarens James Sotto.

        On the afternoon, SFO1 Noel C. Dungca of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) Alicia discussed fire safety measures, tips on how to supress fire, proper handling of LPG and how to operate fire extinguisher. He also showed actual demonstration with the assistance of FO3 Jomar R. Gumbi.


         The Alicia Water District as a government-owned and controlled corporation supported the BRIGADA ESKWELA of the Department of Education(Dep-ed) from May 20-28,2019 in preparation for the class opening on June 3,2019. Engr. Agrifino Agpalza Jr., the Engineering Head delegated three(3) engineering personnel: Mr. Rodson Ariola, Mr. Christopher Tomas and Mr. Alvin Picar to do the water line repairs and replacement of necessary faucets in some public schools here in Alicia particularly the Alicia Vocational School, Callao Elementary School, Aurora Elementary School, Sta. Cruz Elementary School and Bagong Sikat Elementary School starting May 20 until May 31,2019.

           The Dep-ed Order 24 s 2008, "The Institutionalization of the Brigada Eskwela is a weeklong activity of the elementary and secondary public schools starting on May 20-25,2019 participated by school heads, teachers, parents, Local Government Units(LGU), Non-Government Organizations(NGO),Government-Owned and Controlled Corporation(GOCC's), private sectors and volunteers.


The Sta. Cruz Pumping Station Update 

         The Alicia Water District started constructing its additional pumping station at Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Alicia due to concessionaires' demand to have a stronger pressure of water on that area. On February 7,2019 the drilling begun with the assistance of the Provincial Government by providing the drilling machine and an operator. Engr. Dominador Torio, the Board Secreatary, GM Jeorge Tomas and Engr. Agrifino Agpalza Jr., the Engineering Head supervised the engineering personnel on that project.

         As to date, the drilling was done and the 30-meter required depth has already reached; the PVC casing, the PVC rise pump, and pump motors were already installed. The electro-mechanical installation shall start on the first week of May, 2019. Hopefully, the tapping to the distribution lines shall be on the second week after the physical-chemical water line analysis.

       The Sta. Cruz Pumping Station will then increase the water pressure in barangays Sta. Cruz, San Antonio and Magsaysay.

ALWAD-BAC conducted Public Bidding 

         The Alicia Water District Bids and Awards Committee(BAC) conducted a public bidding last March 21,2019 at the SP Session Hall for the Design and Build Contract for Diadi Water District,Diadi Nueva Vizcaya. The BAC was assisted by the three(3)members of the Technical Working Group(TWG) from the Local Water Utilities Administration(LWUA) : Engr. Manuel Amores, Engr. Isidro Ramos and Ms. Jessielen Catapang.

     Three(3) bidders participated the said bidding; the Accelerated Metal Technology Construction Inc.(AMTCI) represented by Mr. Abel Macutay; the Western General Construction and Supplies represented by Mr. Rogelio Cunanan Jr.; and Elohim Construction represented by Engr. Adrian Ibay. Engr. Ibay was declared as an eligible bidder since he had completed all the technical and eligible documents as well as financial documents.

        The Bids and Awards Committee is composed of Chairman(Engr. Agrifino Agpalza Jr.), Vice-chairman(Mr. Gerry Yasay), Three members(Mr. Jayrime Carambas, Mr. Jefferson Rivero and Mr. Warren Tambaoan) and two secretariat(Ms. Sharlene Anoud Bardiago and Ms. Anamarina Doña).

ALWAD continues its pledge to Mother Nature 

            GM Jeorge Tomas led the revisit and replanting activity of the district on March 8,2019 at the Mini Dam Linglingay,Alicia. Early comers were Director Florinda Alejandro and Director Constancia Macato with all the officials and employees of ALWAD, the activity started at exactly 7:00 in the morning. Fruit-bearing seedlings such as tamarind, jackfruit and coffee bought from the Municipal Agriculture Office of LGU Angadanan were planted at the vacant lots near the dam.

           The planted seedlings are maintained by an assigned ALWAD employee to ensure its viability through regular watering and weeding.

        ALWAD joined the kick-off ceremony of the Fire Prevention Month  last March 2,2019 with a motorcade around the town. it was spearheaded by the BFP Alicia and was also joined by the Alicia PNP and Rescue. The motorcade started at exactly 7:30 am going around the barangays in the highway region and six barangays at the poblacion area. This year's theme is " Ligtas na Pilipinas ating Kamtin, Bawat Pamilya ay Sanayin, Kaalaman Sa Sunog ay Palawakin".

          The annual event every March has been very successful considering the low incident of fire in the municipality. ALWAD has been a partner of the BFP in any fire incident by providing fire hydrants with high pressure 24/7 at strategic locations around the municipality.

National Women's Month Celebration for 2019

          The National Women's Month is celebrated every March each year in compliance to Philippine laws acknowledging the potential of women in societal progress and abolishing the inequality between men and women. The theme  "We Make Change, Work for Women" in a nationwide advocacy of all government instrumentalities to achieve the gender equality.

            With this, the Alicia Water District conducted its National Women's Month celebration on March 15,2019 at the ALWAD office. The event was  spearheaded by Director Florinda Alejandro and Director Constancia Macato by giving accessories like fan, umbrella, hand towel, mugs and free ice cream to women concessionaires who paid their water bill on that day.


ALWAD purchased a new lot for service expansion 

ALWAD joined the BFP's Motorcade for the Fire Prevention Month

        The Alicia Water District recently purchased a three-hundred square meter(300 sqm.) lot along the National Highway, Rizaluna, Alicia for the proposed pumping station.

          The proposed Rizaluna Pumping Station will serve Rizaluna and Del Pilar and will be interconnected to the existing system.

          Meanwhile, the Sta. Cruz Pumping Station, a two-hundred square meter (200 sqm.) lot will increase water line pressure in Sta. Cruz, San Antonio and Magsaysay and will help in supplying water at the Apanay Booster Station.

40th PAWD Convention says

"Innovate and surpass growing challenges "

       ALWAD Board of Directors and General Manager Jeorge Tomas attended the 40th Philippine Association of Water Districts(PAWD) last February 8-13,2019 at the SMX Convention Center Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City with the theme " Water Districts : Addressing Challenges Through Innovations ". 

        The convention was the venue for discussions of water sector issues, solving significant problems encountered and providing solutions, means, innovations to address future challenges such as compliance to International Organizations for Standardization (ISO), management of revenues and others.

    ALWAD Plumbers represented the Cagayan Valley Association of Water Districts to the Tap and Drill Skills Olympics where they garnered 5th place.


           Since the convention was the largest gathering of water districts, there was a general assembly, LWUA consultations and fellowship night conducted followed by learning consultations, exhibitions and leadership talk on the last day of the event.


ALWAD employees conduct revisit activity 

      ALWAD employees conducted revisit activity of the fruit trees planted at the Mini Dam,Linglingay, Alicia on January 24,2019. Engr. Agrifino Agplaza Jr., the head of the Engineering Section with two employees checked the fruit-bearing trees and bamboo trees. The plants are being cared and maintained by assigned ALWAD employees being part of the agency's mandate to protect the environment and maintained the natural resources. 

     ALWAD officials are also planning to have a replanting activity on the 22nd of February 2019 at the same venue.

ALWAD welcomes the new Board of Directors 

ALWAD celebrated Christmas Party 

         As the rain poured, ALWAD officials and employees celebrated the Christmas Party last December 21,2018 at the Pumping Station No. 2, Brgy. Calaocan, Alicia, Isabela.

       The program started at exactly 6:30 in the evening, Director Tomasa Hermitanio led the prayer. GM Jeorge Tomas formally welcomed all the participants and the presence of respected Board of Directors namely : Director Florinda Alejandro, Director Arleen Alejandro, Atty. Manuel Fernandez, Engr. Dominador Torio and Director Tomasa Hermitanio.


     Singing contest was the first challenge to the contestants of different sections (Admin and Finance, Commercial and Engineering) in which Mark Valencia of the Engineering Section garnered the highest number of votes.


      As part of ALWAD family, immersion students from the School of Our Lady of Atocha (SOLA) presented their intermission number.


     Ms. Constancia Macato was recently appointed by Mayor Ian Paul Dy as Board of Director of Alicia Water District. Her directorship starts on January 1,2019 until December 31,2024 representing the women's sector.

     Director Macato is a resident of Paddad, Alicia,Isabela. It was the Rural Improvement Club(RIC) Paddad Chapter who nominated her to the position being one of their active member and officer. She was a former barangay nutrition scholar of Rural Health Unit Alicia from 2005 to 2017 and a volunteer nurse of AFP Medical Center from 1979 to 1981 practicing her nursing profession.

    Additionally, Atty. Manuel Fernandez, member of the Board of Directors representing the education sector for period September 1,2017 to December 31,2018 was reappointed by the Mayor as Board of Director effective January 1,2019 until December 31,2024.

    Atty. Fernandez is from Magsaysay, Alicia, Isabela, a former municipal administrator of LGU for period 1995-1998 and a legal officer of the National Irrigation Administration(NIA) for period 1977-1995. He was nominated by the Dalton Academy being their current legal officer.

ALWAD on its team-work enhancement event 2018

          Alicia Water District conducted a team building actvity with the theme " We Are One" on August 25 to 26,2018 at the Aurora Pacific Ecozone Tourism and Freeport, Casiguran, Aurora. The one(1) day, one(1) night event  was joined by four(4) Board of Directors : Director Florinda Alejandro, Director Arleen Alejandro, Director Tomas Hermitanio, and Atty. Manuel Fernandez.


     In the morning, Mr. Jeorge Tomas, the active General Manager conducted a lecture on how employees should perform on their assigned tasks; that teamwork, cooperation and coordination should be observed in order to attain the goal of finishing the job on or before the expected time.

          There were fun activities to boost the camaraderie, courage and determination such as the "Cash-a", building blocks,walking as partners with feet tied and passing of pail that all employees were actively participated. A simple program at night was also conducted where employees shared their messages followed by intermission number of each section(Admin and Finance, Commercial and Engineering).


         On their way home, ALWAD officials and employees visited the Agta tribe to distribute food and medicines.

ALWAD celebrated 37th founding anniversary

         On the 16th day of November, Alicia Water District commemorated its 37 years of service to the populace. With its 1,216 concessionaires in 2009, ALWAD is now serving 4,180 concessionaires around the 16 barangays of Alicia through the commitment and dedication of esteemed Board of Directors : Director Florinda Alejandro, Director Arleen Alejandro, Director Tomasa Hermitanio, Engr. Dominador Torio and Atty. Manuel Fernandez, the energetic General Manager, Mr. Jeorge Tomas and the hardworking employees.

      As a celebration of the long year service, ALWAD officials and employees provided the concessionaires with free ice cream. It was then followed by a simple program with a parlor games and a dinner at the Pumping Station No. 2, Calaocan, Alicia, Isabela.


Alicia Water District implemented  its climate mitigation program

            Alicia Water District (ALWAD) conducted tree planting on February 23 at the Mini Dam barangay Linglingay, Alicia, Isabela headed by the Board of Directors in cooperation with the barangay officials.

        The tree planting was successfully done where employees involved themselves in the environment and conservation of the natural resources to support the climate mitigation program of the national government.
        Bamboos and different fruit trees from Department of Agriculture – Angadanan were planted in the area, protected by individual tree guards and has a tarpaulin, “Tree Planting Project of Alicia Water District”.

ALWAD joined the National Women's Month celebration 2018

            "We Make Change, Work for Women", the theme of the National Women's Month in which Alicia Water District celebrated on March 21,2018. The event was headed by the two (2) active Board of Directors : Director Florinda Alejandro and Director Tomasa Hermitanio and participated by women employees, concessionaires, firewomen, and policewomen.

        WE spelled out as Women Empowerment means providing the placement of women to different organizations and agencies; enhancing their skills and potentials. MAKE CHANGE stand for Magna Carta, a law that gives rights and privileges to wome  equal to men and abolishing the inequality and discrimination among them.


Sport fest 2o17

Christmas Party 2017 Exercise

        It’s yuletide season once more-the Alicia Water District (ALWAD) took a break from its strenuous work and enjoy their Christmas party and family day on December 23, 2017 at De Guia hall, San Fernando, Alicia, Isabela and ended the year with a year-end party on December 29, 2017 at the pumping station 2.                                      

       The participants are 13 regulars, 11 casuals, 9 job orders, 5 BODs and immediate families are enjoined to attend. The activity is highlighted with different presentations of the different sections, parlor games and Jollibee kids’ party. 


        The activity is successfully done through the unending support of the board of directors and active participation of the employees and their families.

             ALWAD celebrated its 36 th anniversary on November 17, 2017 at Amancio Hotel, Santiago City where the Board of Directors and employees headed by GM Jeorge Tomas celebrate with a simple dinner.

             ALWAD also conducted a 2-Saturday sports fest on December 9 and 16 at Camp Vizcarra, Ramon, Isabela, and Barangay Calaocan, Alicia Isabela composed of 3 teams spearheaded by the members of the board.

             The activities were trumpo, patintero, tug of war, limbo rock, kadang-kadang, luksong tinik, tumbang, preso, luksong lubid, volleyball, jackstone, chinese garter, table tennis, badminton, dart and basketball.

            The sportsfest composed of 3 teams; red team, yellow team and blue team wherein Red team bagged the champion with 113 points, Yellow team and Blue team declares tie with 101 points.

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