In the afternoon, the Commercial Section was headed by Mr. Gerry Yasay presented their short term plan of meeting the budgeted New Service Connection of 635 by marketing activities to the barangays where there is a low saturation level. The medium term plans were the read and bill for easy transaction in all barangays of Alicia.The plans were being presented by Mr. Allyson Matias, Mr. Carlo Rodrigo Pascual, Mr. Marvin Albino, Mr. Salvador Alindayu Jr. and Mr. Jayrime Carambas. For the Engineering and Production Section headed by Engr. Agrifino Agpalza Jr. with short term plans of construction of elevated tank at brgy. Rizaluna and Del Pilar expansion; for the medium term plans were the pipeline expansion along National Highway, Antonino, Brgy. Rizal, Bagnos, Bagong Sikat, Sto. Tomas, Bantug Petines, San Pablo and Dagupan.; upgrading of generator set; establishment of District Metered Areas(DMA) with data loggers; Automated Pumping Station with SCADA and construction of motor pool. Mr. Jefferson Rivero presented the long term plans of automated generator set of all pumping stations, Calibration Testing of Water Meters, Water Laboratory Analysis, purchase of heavy equipment and construction of additional elevated tanks. Mr. Chino Salgado presented all the necessary Civil Service Guidelines for the appointment of government employees, the civil service memorandum circular for the benefit of the employees and also the needed trainings for the employees such as Alay sa Bayan(ALAB) and the Values on Work(VOW). The warehouse personnel ; Mr. Geoffrey Ramil, Mr. Mark Valencia and Ms. Jocelyn Tome presented their medium term and long term plans such such as the installation of the bar code system and purchase of service vehicle. The last one who presented was Ms. Anamarina B. Doña for the Gender and Development(GAD).

             To commence the activity, Dir. Manuel Fernandez advised everyone to be united for one plan. He said "Kung watak-watak tayo, ay walang magagawa".

              Dir. Florinda Alejandro added that the plans of the district should be aligned to the approved corporate budget. She gave some negative words that has a positive meaning: FAIL stands for First Attempt in Learning, END stands for Effort Never Dies and NO stands for Next Opportunity.