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Or you may contact the following for specific concerns:

Office of the Board of Directors

mrs. florinda p. alejandro


CP No. (0925) 7585402 (sun)

 (0917) 8092966 (globe)

Office of the General Manager

mr. jeorge a. tomas

General Manager

CP No. (0925) 7933393 (sun)

 (0917) 8092957 (globe)

Engineering/Production Section

mr. agrifino c. agpalza, jr.

Section Head

CP No. (0925) 7596397 (sun)

 (0917) 8092964 (globe)

Administrative Section

mr. danilo a. semodio

Section Head

CP No. (0925) 7614227 (sun)

 (0915) 8482513 (globe)

Commercial Section

mr. Gerry g. yasay

Section Head

CP No. (0925) 7592874 (sun)

 (0975) 5965894 (globe)

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