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The Alicia Water District holds its office at the Ground Floor of the LGU Building, Municipal Compound, Magsaysay, Alicia, Isabela.


       The Engineering Section holds their office at the Pumping Station No. 1, Calaocan. This is where drawings, plannings and meetings are done. Digitization of documents and warehouse activities are also being conducted in this office.


          The district maintains its own warehouse and store. It has vast array of stocks related to water business which it uses in its service connections, maintenance, repairs and expansion of water lines. it also has equipment and tools like welding machine, acetylene, jackhammers, cutters and all other tools necessary for the conduct of the business.

pe pipes/valves/fittings


service connections supplies

Pipes warehouse

service connections office


Pumping stations

Pumping stations are thought to be the heart of the operations of a water district. As such, ALWAD maintains and operates numerous pumping stations be it active or reserve well.

Storage tanks

All storage tanks of the district are all elevated. Three elevated steel tanks were constructed by ALWAD while the two concrete elevated tanks were  turned over by Midtown and Iselco subdivisions in Paddad and Victoria, respectively.

other facilities

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