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 The Alicia Water District will be at the forefront of public utility service in the Municipality of Alicia with an energetic workforce, which values its consumers providing them the best quality of water in professional, competent and valuable members.

 The Alicia Water District exists to contribute and participate in propelling the Municipality of Alicia towards economic growth through sustainable and upgraded institutional and operational viability with our firm adherence to the belief that Water is Life.
          We believe that safe drinking water is not only essential for the promotion and protection of public health but is a basic human right.


 To provide best quality of safe and potable water to the greatest number at a reasonable cost with a reputation for outstanding customer service. We adhere to a policy of utmost courtesy.

Employees Pledge

 We the God loving, responsible, hardworking, respectful professional officials and employees of the Alicia Water District are committed to provide best quality of water to the public at a reasonable cost through a people-friendly and transparent system service delivery.

     A - aims to effectively and efficiently address excellent public waterworks and services with...
L - lasting commitment of people-friendly and transparent systems and procedures as...
W - ways toward consumers growth and community development to....
A - address the amelioration of quality basic services through the...
D - delivery of efficient supply of safe and potable water in every household.

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